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"Respect your culture, language and the world will respect you."


This is my section to tell you about myself. So, to start with first let me introduce myself. Guys, my name is Hitesh and I am a student of Computer Technology in N.Y.S.S. (Bombay). I get into this stream after passing my S.Y.J.C. (12th). I was born in Bombay in 1985. My dad is an Electrical Engineer and very careful, loving to me. I am a really very funny guy. Most of all I never take anything seriously and that could be my problem lately for having such a lonely life. I get into the computers because my school and now I am so much into this that I can't live without computers. It's like I am in love with electric stuff i.e. computers, electronics, circuits etc.

I like many things and I have adopted many hobbies as well. I do like swimming, horse riding and things which are related to adventure. My hobbies are collecting movies (Basic Instinct, The Girl Next Door are my favourite movies), stamps, old coins and some archeological stuff. Music is my energy and without music I can't work at all. All types of rock, classical romantic themes and Indian old romantic songs are my favourite ones. I spent most of my time on computers, surfing internet and doing some geeky stuff. I also like to provide free help on yahoo chat.

I have a huge circle of friends. They are very good to me and we all are very much attached to each other. When we all are together we do some weird things. Going for picnic, discussions on girls, parties and fast biking are my group activities. Though we have made an community on internet as we all are heavy downloader.

That was all about for upper view of mine. Nobody really knows me from inside. I want to spent my whole life with my mate far away from this techno life. I want to build my abode near river side or sea side. To watch every sunset just sitting on deck with my loved ones. Whenever I get time to think about my inner self. I find myself searching for the way out through this rushing life. I very much like to walk on secret beach with my naked feet to find the real passion in me. I have dreamt of life which is not really possible to live on this earth.


  My Snaps

This is me in my room.
This is the only place where create
my fantasies for my future.

That's my monster. I built it myself.
This is the one I am in love with. :)