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"Your one stop on information high-way"

Hello friends,

I welcome you to your one stop on information high-way, that is on my personal website. Actually, I am very sorry to put my website under construction for many months. I hope you will like this new look for my website. Days are gone by and nothing is changed here except the number of days and years. My site was developed for my dream when I was not much in computers also it was very rare to have such personal website on that time. So, now it is here in front of you with this new look. Just browse the different categories  I have here and see what you get. If you want to place some comments then feel free to post messages on my guestbook.


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  • Hit the downloads tab and get into the world of some ultimate stuff which may help you for everything about computers and all.

  • Those who want to learn something or those who are beginners in this digital world and want to complete their electric dream then get your ass into Programming section. There at least you can find some usable stuff.

  • My words. Ohh! Well... now that's my personal section for my thoughts and all. Look for it if really you want see my life or to know something about what I like to do when I have no work.

  • I hope there is no need to explain in About Me section. It's a short theory to know about me.

  • Definitely Links option does not need any description. But, still it is page for all links where you can have something like if you are a music freak or a technology geek. Just get your ass out there and check out if anything is waiting for you or not. The links option is for everyone. All types of links are added here.