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1. Webshots
Website for all types of professional photography. Free as well as premium accounts available. This is a bets site for the professional photography lovers. Ultimate nature scenes available. Also, webshots community is for free to join. You view my homepage on webshots community to have an idea.
2. Tomshardware
This is the best website for hardware guide on internet. Download interviews of experts, technical videos, and pdf are available for free. The best part of this website is DIY (Do It Yourself) section. You can find any hardware related news, articles and views here.
3. Lyrics On Demand
The lyrics website. You can get any lyrics on this website. This website is called the best one for Pop and Rock lyrics.
4. DivX
The official website of DivX. DivX Free codec download, Trial Pro video codecs & DivX certified devices are available for selling. Dr. DivX DVD to DivX high performance tool is also available. DivX is a greate codec to compress your DVD's to fit in on CD (700 MB) without quality loss.
Monthly magazine website. Provides helps, updates and tips & tricks about computers and many electronic hardware. Also, have the community blogs to solve your questions.
6. Programmers Heaven
This website means a programmers dream come true. Website contains many source codes for all types of languages as well as help is provided by the experts regarding programs and buggs. To get all this for free you just need to fill the free registration form and get an account.
7. Dynamic Drive
Ultimate website for web designers to learn many things. DHTML, JAVA Scripts, ASP everything is here. You just need to copy the code and put it into your website to show wonderful, professional effects. Seriously visit this website you will amaze.
8. Phazeddl
The very great website to download latest software, games, cracks & serials and many more stuff is available.
9. FTP Crawler
Looking for free ftp downloads. Then this is the right place for you. Download anything you want via ftp for free. Thousands of ftp sites are provided on this page. No spy wares, no viruses.
Adventure and information website about Forts. This is also a personal website of Amit. Very cool website and really good presentation. If you are a hiker visit this website.
11. Mountain Penguin
If you are a penguin buddy or want to mount a penguin on your rig better visit this website and download what you want. So many different types of Linux version available. Really a very good website to know about Linux systems.
12. Love, Poems and Quotes
Get your ass here to download ultimate and sensations love poems, friendship poems and quotes. Just choose anyone out of this huge collection to gift a poem to your mate or friend. It's really a helping site to maintain a relationship.
13. Torrents
Want to transfer GB's in seconds you are on the right place. Torrents are made for the huge data transfer via internet. It's very easy to use. Just visit the link and see the documentation. Best client for torrent downloads is Bit Lord.